1. Citroen Traction Avant

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  4. clubmaintenant:

    Sabine Weiss - 2CV à Paris, 1957

  5. carinteriors:

    Citroen GS - wonderful set of Jaeger instruments in brushed aluminium set into that exquisite sweep which ends in that single spoke wheel

  6. timewastingmachine:

    1982 Citroen CX Diesel

  8. goodoldvalves:

    Citroen DS19 (1957)

    That’s one way for Flaminio Bertoni to present a design.

    The other involved an auto-show, but even in 1957 that was ‘like, so old fashioned.

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  9. definemotorsports:

    1970 Citroën GS Special

    - Old Citroëns are always so unique and pretty.

  10. whenwewerecows:

    the goddess…for the geeks it’s an ID not a DS…still lovely though :)